• Recognizing that education is never a mistake, Modern College serves as a gateway to the future by welcoming all students from our richly diverse region. To be a national leader in transforming lives through an innovative, rigorous, and compassionate approach to education.


  • We believe in Bonding and Belonging, thereby our MISSION is to take all the steps to create it, sustain it and take a leap.

Core Values

  • Student Success: We focus on student access and success.
  • Supportive Atmosphere: We support an atmosphere of trust where communication and teamwork cultivate a rich environment for teaching and learning.
  • Proactive: We utilize agility, innovation, and responsible risk-taking to create our preferred future.
  • Partnering: We actively partner with the community to respond to cultural, educational, economic development, and technological needs.
  • Diversity: We embrace diversity as a strength of our community and celebrate it in our institution.