Mr. Bahauddin Ahmad

Honourable Chairman

“At BES, an institute with a truly global outlook, we have established a strong bond between the faculty, students and corporate with the aim of making ethical leaders for tomorrow. In order to create a stimulating and flexible learning environment."

No institution in the world has ever succeeded without a soul. The soul of an institution is its academic ambience, the competence of faculty and the systems through which the academic program is delivered. The soul of an institution can neither be seen nor is it visible, but it can be felt and experienced! I invite you to experience this soul.
BES is that institution that has focused on all level of teaching, research, extension consultancy & skill development as per the current scenario of education.
I just aim to extract out the student with quality in spite of many interruption not only as a wage earner of their life but as a worthy citizen of India to create every day a better day for one- another.