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A place to be at – when in search of professional knowledge, cutting edge skills, and a winning attitude. You'll find state of the art facilities and a serene environment on the Modern Campus in which to maximize your learning under the customized guidance of our committed faculty.


Gold Medalist Students

Anusha Daruka   Riya Goyal   Jaya Agrawal
Anusha Daruka(BBA)
Session(2012 - 13)
  Riya Goyal(BBA)
Session(2013 - 14)
  Jaya Agrawal(BBA)
Session(2014 - 15)
Anjali Majumdar   Akash Sahu   Dimple Pahuja
Anjali Majumdar(BCA)
Session(2015 - 16)
  Akash Sahu(BBA)
Session(2015 - 16)
  Dimple Pahuja(BBA)
Session(2017 - 18)