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University Top 10 Student's Session [2014-15]

Jaya Agrawal   Kanchan Lalwani   Shashikiran
Rank: 1st
Jaya Agrawal
  Rank: 2nd
Kanchan Lalwani
  Rank: 3rd
Manpreet Kaur   Surbhi Chawlani   Anisha Rozy
Rank: 6th
Manpreet Kaur
  Rank: 7th
Surbhi Chawlani
  Rank: 9th
Anisha Rozy Dekate
Sarfraz Memon   Suruchi Yadav    
Rank: 10th
Sarfraz Memon
  Rank: 10th
Suruchi Yadav